Yard Ready for Summer
Image: popularmechanics.com

Since he established Valley Ridge Roofing and Construction in Flower Mound, Texas, entrepreneur Randy Eastburg has grown the company’s sales to more than $12 million. In his free time, Randy Eastburg enjoys maintaining and landscaping his yard.

In Texas, where temperatures can exceed 90 degrees in the summer, residents should prepare well in advance to keep plants healthy and reduce water usage. High temperatures and a small amount of rainfall can cause drought-like conditions, which may result in a spike in water bills to keep heat-sensitive plants alive.

Gardeners can reduce water consumption by planting hardy yet decorative perennials, such as coneflowers and baby’s breath. In addition, allowing lawns to grow a little thicker will fortify the roots and help keep the soil moist, enabling the grass to thrive on less water.

In the spring, lawns often accumulate a layer of dried flower petals and leaves, known as thatch, which can disrupt the soil’s ability to absorb water. Homeowners should schedule dethatching twice a year, once after leaves have fallen in the autumn and once just before the start of summer.