Labrador Retriever pic
Labrador Retriever

Based in Flower Mound, Texas, Randy Eastburg is the owner and primary operator of Valley Ridge Roofing & Construction, a position he has held since founding the company in 2010. When he is not managing business strategy and daily operations at Valley Ridge, Randy Eastburg enjoys spending time with his wife and their dogs, two Labrador retrievers and a dachshund.

The Labrador retriever has ranked as the most popular dog breed in the United States for nearly three decades. Labs, as they are often referred to, are popular for a number of reasons, but first-time dog owners should strongly consider the breed’s needs and characteristics before reaching out to a reputable breeder. Labs were originally bred as work dogs and demand a considerable amount of daily exercise, otherwise owners risk damage to their home and unruly behavior as the dogs attempt to burn off excess energy. Similarly, Labs are generally friendly with other dogs, but an underworked Lab may be too hyperactive for older or more laid-back breeds.

The positive aspects of owning a properly raised Labrador, in the opinion of most American dog owners, far outweigh the animal’s exercise needs. Labs are a relatively intelligent breed and easy to train. The breed’s history as a work dog makes the dogs eager to please humans, though their ideal fit as a family dog can sometimes backfire. For instance, not all Labs do well in kennels. Similarly, Labs are generally excited to meet new people, but they can sometimes assume a protective stance with their families.

All told, the Labrador is the perfect representation of the joy and hard work that should be associated with dog ownership. Early training and socialization paired with daily exercise can provide families with a loyal, loving companion for years to come. An inattentive owner, on the other hand, may find himself or herself struggling to control a hyperactive and somewhat aggressive animal.