Tuscany pic
Image: tripadvisor.com

Randy Eastburg, owner of Valley Ridge Roofing and Construction in Texas, is an avid traveler in his free time. Experienced in both domestic and international travel, Randy Eastburg particularly enjoyed visiting Tuscany when his son was a student there.

Known as one of Italy’s most beautiful regions, Tuscany has become popular with tourists from across the globe. Still, it has plenty to offer those who prefer to travel off the beaten path.

Nature lovers as well as history lovers may be particularly entranced by the Vie Cave, or sunken roads, narrow paths carved out of tuff (tufa) stone by the Etruscans. Summer travelers may also find it worth taking a trip out to Giannutri, a remote island in the Archipelago opposite the Monte Argentario promontory. The island is accessible daily by ferry in the summertime and weekly between September and June.

The region is also home to numerous charming villages, including the walled historical village of Artimino in Montalbano and the famously beautiful Montescudaio in the Maremma Pisana. Many of these communities feature picturesque churches, fortresses, and other examples of medieval and Renaissance architecture.

Lovers of art can also find their way to Chiarone, the most southern beach in Tuscany, which is home to IL Giardino dei Tarocchi. Known in English as the Tarot Garden, the site includes an outdoor museum that features large-scale sculptures by French artist Niki de Saint Phalle.