Harley-Davidson pic
Image: popularmechanics.com

Randy Eastburg, the owner of Valley Ridge Roofing and Construction in Flower Mound, Texas, oversees his company’s daily business decisions and handles all sales and estimates for commercial clients. Outside of his work, Randy Eastburg enjoys riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson, the iconic, all-American motorcycle brand, recently announced its investment in Alta, a manufacturer of high-performance electric bikes based in Brisbane, California. The investment is a collaboration between the two companies to produce Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson hopes that its electric motorcycle, slated for release in 2019, will appeal to a new generation of riders whose values and priorities differ from previous generations. Building on its rich history, the Harley-Davidson company hopes that younger riders will embrace the excitement of motorcycling. With the Alta partnership in place, Harley-Davidson envisions an urban, electric road bike that is simple to use and embraces the company’s high performance and rich American heritage.