Backing Up Important Documents pic
Backing Up Important Documents

Since 2010, Randy Eastburg has owned Valley Ridge Roofing and Construction, where his in-depth approach sees him involved in everything from hiring, training, and overseeing employees to meeting with property owners, sub-contractors, and insurance adjusters. A travel enthusiast in his free time, Randy Eastburg has visited multiple destinations both in the United States and abroad.

When traveling, to protect yourself in case important documents documents like your passport and driver’s license go missing, always have backup copies ready, both physically and digitally.

For your physical backups, it is as simple as making color copies of all your important documents. Aside from your license and passport, have some extra ID photos taken and go to the nearest consulate or embassy office. There, they will be able to help you obtain a new passport so you can continue on your travels. Additionally, consider copying your itinerary, as well as any important phone numbers you may need to contact during your trip.

If your physical copies were also misplaced, an online backup would prove useful anywhere you have access to the Internet and a printer. Online backup is also an ideal solution for protecting any photos and videos you take during your travels, in the event of a broken or lost camera.