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Mayans MC

The founder and owner of multimillion-dollar business Valley Ridge Roofing and Construction, Randy Eastburg counts himself a fan of several television shows. Among Randy Eastburg’s favorites is Sons of Anarchy, a series that aired its seventh and final season in 2014. In recent months, however, news of a spinoff has caused excitement among many Sons of Anarchy fans.

The spinoff, titled Mayans MC, takes place after the events of Sons of Anarchy, which concluded with the death of main character Jax Teller. In contrast with the Northern California setting of the earlier show, Mayans MC moves to the California-Mexico border to focus on EZ Reyes, a young prospect in the local charter of the Mayans Motorcycle Club. Reyes, who is played by JD Pardo of the Hulu series East Los High, comes from a family affected by cartel violence, and the spinoff follows him as he contends with competing desires for revenge and for the respect of the women in his life.

Veteran actor Edward James Olmos costars as Reyes’ father, a man struggling to steer his children away from a life of crime. The cast also includes John Ortiz as the president of the Mayans MC charter and Clayton Cardenas as EZ’s brother.

Shooting of the spinoff’s pilot wrapped in late April. Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter collaborated with Elgin James to write the pilot, which Sutter also directed.