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Randy Eastburg has been the owner of Valley Ridge Roofing and Construction in Flower Mound, Texas, since 2010. During this time, he has grown the business from 20 contracts per month to 60 per month. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Randy Eastburg loves racehorses, and he previously owned and bred quarter horses.

The history of the American Quarter Horse goes back to early colonial America when colonists bred English horses with the Spanish Chickasaw (cross between Arabia and Barb) breed. The result was a small, muscular, and swift horse that could outrun any other in a straightaway. Before long, this speedster was winning so many races on the quarter-mile track that it was soon called the quarter miler or quarter horse.

Considered intelligent and unafraid of work, its gentle nature increased its popularity for riding. It was also endowed with good instincts for working with cattle, so when settlers surged west in the 1800s, cowboys preferred the nimble quarter horse. Before long cowboys turned their work into competitions, and thus, the quarter horse became the standard for rodeo contests as well. It is now the most numerous breed of horse, with a population of roughly 3.2 million.