Tuscany, Chiana Valley pic
Tuscany, Chiana Valley
Image: deliciousitaly.com

Randy Eastburg is a respected presence in the Flower Mound, Texas, business community who has owned and operated Valley Ridge Roofing and Construction since 2010. An avid traveler, Randy Eastburg had the opportunity to visit the valley region of Tuscany in Italy while his son was studying there during college.

The major valley of the hill-studded region, the Val di Chiana has been settled since the Etruscan and Roman times and centers around the River Chiana, which was originally a marshy area that included a large lake. During the Renaissance, land reclamation and marsh draining activities gained steam, with drainage abetted by the completion of the Canale Maestro in the mid-19th Century. This canal, along with smaller channels centered on tributary streams, left a fertile agricultural valley behind. Today there are two small lake remnants in the valley, Montepulciano and the Lago di Chiusi.

The valley is well known throughout Europe for its Chianina beef and exemplary red wines, which center on the Valdichiana DOC and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. The region also produces top quality extra virgin olive oil.