Tournament Golfer pic
Tournament Golfer

Randy Eastburg, owner of Valley Ridge Roofing and Construction in Texas, enjoys playing golf in his free time. Randy Eastburg has pursued this interest through participation in a number of tournaments.

Like any competition, a golf tournament requires preparation on the part of the competitor. This certainly involves practical preparation, which may include a practice round on the competition green. Whether or not this is possible, however, the golfer can still show up early on the day of the tournament to take a few strokes.

Many experts begin a tournament day by trying a few long putts to gauge the speed of the greens. Golfers may also choose to hit some short putts as a way of establishing a feeling of success, which can be a key technique for calming nerves.

Anxiety does tend to be lower during practice rounds, and this makes the pre-tournament hour an ideal time to rehearse tempo. Golfers who do this often find that when pressure increases, it helps to have already made a shot in a calm and balanced manner. Some competitors may find that this process is more effective when they imagine that they are in competition, while others prefer to think of the entire competition as a regular round.

Regardless of the competitor’s technique, the best preparation is an understanding that the tournament is simply another chance to play. Golfers should remember not to be ashamed of nervousness, as even the most experienced players struggle with worry on tournament day.