Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys


As the owner of Valley Ridge Roofing and Construction, Randy Eastburg oversees scores of commercial and residential roofing projects. When he is not busy with work, Randy Eastburg enjoys both watching and attending games of the Dallas Cowboys.

In a recent interview the Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones, reflected on buying the team, discussing his motivation for the purchase.

Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys in 1989, paying just $185 million for the team. Now worth $4.2 billion, the Cowboys stand as the most valuable sports team in the world. Jones was not always confident in his purchase, however.

In the interview, Jones joked that if the interview had taken place in 1989, he would be so shaky and worried that he would not be able to hold a glass of water steady. Despite his monetary concerns, Jones said he bought the team in order to be associated with football and felt that Texas had a strong legacy as “football country.” If his team’s popularity and worth are indications, he was right about that.

Both financially and emotionally invested, Jones joked that when his team loses, he can be heard screaming into his pillow as far away as New York.