Bicycling for Exercise pic
Bicycling for Exercise

Randy Eastburg owns Valley Ridge Roofing and Construction, where he oversees the sales and execution of commercial and residential roofing projects. Outside of his work, Randy Eastburg enjoys bicycle riding as a form of exercise.

While many people opt for running, weightlifting, and other sports for exercise, getting out and riding your bike is also a great way to get into or stay in shape. Here are just three of the benefits of bicycling for exercise.

1. Low Impact – One of the main advantages to bicycling is the low impact nature of the exercise. With running, your body slams against the ground with every step, which can be tough on people with back pain, knee problems, or other health issues. The continuous peddling motion used when cycling, coupled with the fact that you are seated, gives you many of the benefits of running without the impact on the joints and other parts of the body. That said, it’s always wise to consult a medical professional before taking up a new exercise if you are currently dealing with health issues.

2. Fun – While fun is entirely subjective, you might prefer bicycling over the gym if your idea of fun is exploring your city or the local countryside. If the thought of going to the gym seems something of a chore, it’s possible you may instead get excited about exercise by getting out and enjoying a nice day. If you enjoy your rides and do not consider them work, as is sometimes the case with gym visits, then you may be more likely to stick to your exercise goals.

3. Save on Transportation – There is no reason you cannot kill two birds with one stone, getting your bicycle exercise in while you run errands around town. If you can replace your car with your bike for any portion of your daily travel, you will save money spent on gas, in addition to being a bit kinder to the environment as well as your body.