First Trip to Italy pic
First Trip to Italy

Randy Eastburg, owner of Valley Ridge Roofing and Construction, makes all business decisions for the company and works with office management and sales staff on a daily basis. An avid traveler, Randy Eastburg has visited several places both in the United States and abroad. One of his favorite destinations is Italy.

Despite its small size, Italy is packed with sights and attractions to keep visitors busy for weeks. This can make planning your first trip to the country a challenge. Your plan will primarily depend on how long you will be in the country. If you only have around a week to visit, focus on Italy’s most notable cities: Rome, Venice, and Florence. While exploring each of these cities could easily take over one week, you can typically fit in all the major sights and attractions within a few days. For longer stays, you can either spend more time in each city or explore other cities around the country, such as Naples, Cinque Terre, and Milan.

Food and lodging concerns can also affect your trip quite significantly. You do not always have to stay at a hotel and, in some cases, it may be cheaper not to. Seeking out more affordable accommodations such as hostels or campgrounds may mean you have extra money to explore more of the country or extend your stay. Food is one of Italy’s best-known features and there are plenty of great eating options throughout every city. Although tourist restaurants might be more heavily advertised, taking the time to ferret out local restaurants can provide a much more unique feel to your stay.